Clinical Programs

  • PG Diploma In Cardiology

    The program is aimed at medical practitioners/physicians with a role in prevention of cardiovascular disease. There is wide gap between availability of cardiology expertise and load of cardiac morbidity in rural as well as urban area.

    This program will have a great social relevance. Indians are genetically three times more vulnerable for heart attack than Europeans. While the average age of heart attack victims in Europe is more than 60 years, the average age of Indians is between 40 to 50 making it a disease of breadwinner of the family causing major socio-economic upheavals. Indians are genetically more vulnerable for diabetes at younger age, which again leads to premature atherosclerotic disease leading to heart attack. While in USA every fourth man develops heart attack before retirement in India it is every third man developing heart attack. So, for obvious reasons, a country with billion populations requires at least few thousands of medical doctors with understanding of various aspects of both clinical & preventive cardiology to be produced every year to address the growing needs of the heart patients.

    Course Objectives
    To establish a core programme dedicated to train larger numbers of medical graduates in preventive Cardiology to:-
    - Pursue careers in preventive cardiology (primary and secondary), in hospitals, primary care and the public sector.
    - Provide an internationally accepted postgraduate qualification.
    - Develop a high level of knowledge and understanding of preventive cardiology and the management of cardiovascular risk.
    - Develop skills in the assessment and management of patients with established
    cardiovascular disease, patients at high cardiovascular risk and their families.
    - Provide a solid foundation for those who intend to go for practice in community setup.

    Students will learn about the theory of clinical & preventive cardiology and the application of evidence based principles to real world clinical practice. The complete spectrum of clinical cardiology including approach , investigations , heart diseases & its management , as well as preventive aspects with practical training by working with patients having established atherosclerotic disease, the relatives of patients with premature atherosclerotic disease and asymptomatic people, including those with diabetes, at high multifactorial risk of developing this disease will be covered.

    Teaching will include contact classes , study material and clinical training.

    Job Oppurtunities
    There are ample job opportunities for medical graduates specializing in Preventive Cardiology. It Includes:-
    a) Working in Super Specialty Hospitals in Delhi, NCR.
    b) Specialization to work in cardiac ICU.
    c) Appointed in insurance companies as Heart Specialists.
    d) Abundant job opportunities in slimming centers & obesity clinics such as VLCC etc.
    e) INGO’s such as Heart care Foundation.

    Eligibility : +MBBS
    Fees : 85,000 to be paid in 2 installments.
    Number of seats : 30
    Duration : 1 Year
  • Diploma In Emergency Medicine

    The speciality of Emergency Medicine is concerned with the stabilization, management, diagnosis, and disposition of individuals with acute illness and injury. It also includes the management of trauma resuscitation, advanced cardiac life support, advanced airway management, poisonings, pre-hospital care and disaster preparedness. Emergency Medicine encompasses a large amount of general medicine but involves the technical and cognitive aspects of virtually all fields of medicine and surgery including the surgical sub-specialties.

    Emergency physicians require a broad knowledge base and possess the skills of many specialists - the ability to manage a difficult airway (anesthesia), suture a complex laceration (plastic surgery), reduce a fractured bone or dislocated joint (orthopedic surgery), treat a heart attack (internist), delivery a baby (Obstetrics and Gynecology), stop a bad nosebleed (ENT), manage suicide attempts and complex overdoses (Psychiatry & Toxicology), tap a septic joint (Rheumatology), protect an abused child (Pediatrics), and place a chest tube (Cardiothoracic Surgery).

    The programme is aimed at medical practitioners having an orientation towards emergency management since it focuses on the immediate decision making and action necessary to prevent death or any further disability both in the pre-hospital setting by directing emergency medical technicians and in the emergency department

    . A high-pressure, fast-paced, and diverse specialty, emergency medicine requires a broad base of medical knowledge and a variety of well-honed clinical and technical skills. The practice is primarily hospital emergency department-based, but with extensive pre-hospital responsibilities for emergency medical systems. The care provided by the emergency physician is episodic in nature and involves a full spectrum of physical and behavioral conditions.

    Course Duration One year (12 months), 3 months study and 9 months of practical contact program at Accredited Hospitals.

    Eligibility Requirements MBBS degree with MCI registration

    Selection Criteria Those fulfilling the eligibility criterion will be called for a personal/telephonic interview following which the admission list will be drawn.

    Course Objectives To understand the organization of Emergency Medical Services. To establish and maintain clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to quickly assess and manage emergencies. To perform a complete and appropriate assessment and management of acutely ill patients To be able to do Differential diagnosis of common illnesses presenting to emergency department. To be familiar with the equipment and drugs used in emergencies and use therapeutic interventions in a safe, effective, appropriate and timely manner. Demonstrate proficient and appropriate use of procedural skills, both diagnostic and therapeutic. Learning to establish good patient-doctor relationships in the acute care settings.

    Clinical Postings The clinical postings will be of 9 months during which the candidates will be posted with emergency departments in the accredited hospitals to gain a first hand experience under the expertise of trained Emergency Medicine specialists.Registration

  • Diploma In Family Medicine

    There are close to 2, 50,000 General Practitioners in India who have no access to postgraduate education. Since the government has not mandated continuous education for physicians, most of the GP’s do not make much effort to remain up-to-date with the developments in the medical education. The lack of continuous updating of the knowledge and skills by these GP’s has led to a situation where there are excessive referrals because they are not confident in handling cases even with the slightest complication. Many patients, therefore, end up visiting multispecialty hospitals where the health care costs are very high.

    A ‘Family Physician’ is a multi-competent specialist who not only provides the point of first contact, but also provides the continuum of care. The number of ‘Family Physicians’ – doctors satisfying the above definition – in the Indian sub-continent is grossly inadequate to cater to the huge population.

    It is with the above scenario in mind that the AIHMS has collaborated with Prestigious Hospitals with Delhi / NCR to offer program in Family Medicine , certified by Prestigious Royal College of General Physicians (RCGP) , UK .

    Course Objectives
    a) The objective of the PGDFM programme is to build the capacity of GP’s and enable them to manage more cases so that referral becomes less necessary.
    b) Thus, the programme leads to a win-win situation for the patients and the GP’s, as the former find a one-window solution, while the latter (who would have become multi- competent) find a much larger scope for their practice.

    Course Curriculum
    The curriculum comprising of about 75 problem-based, interactive modules. The modules are prepared by highly qualified and experienced faculty and as such are unmatched in quality by any criteria and standards. Study material will be provided both hard copies and in the form of softcopies. There will be a 3 months contact program of practical training in any of the associated hospitals with us.

    Job Prospectus
    A ‘Family Physician’ is a multi-competent specialist who not only provides the point of first contact, but also provides the continuum of care. The number of ‘Family Physicians’ – doctors satisfying the above definition – in the Indian sub-continent is grossly inadequate to cater to the huge population.

    There are huge numbers of oppurtunities to work as:
    a) Private practitioners
    b) Eligible to migrate to European countries, Middle –East, Australia & Canada as this adds to the credit addition to the basic qualification.
    c) Lots of oppurtunities in Multinational companies, charitable and Missionary hospitals.

    Eligibility : MBBS with MCI Registration
    Fees : 1,00,000 to be paid in 3 installments .
    Number of seats : 15
    Duration: 1 year

  • PG Diploma in Maternal & Child Health

    The PGD in Maternal & Child Health is aimed towards medical doctors who wish to work in various government, international and national NGO’s as consultants implementing RCH program, ICDS program, and various school health programs.

    The one year comprehensive program comprises of the components of Maternal and child Health providing an opportunity to update their knowledge and skill. This will ultimately take the MCH Care to the doorsteps of the people and health in achieving one component of the “Health for All” dream of the government of India.

    i) Basics, Antenatal care ,Complications of labour & Pregnancy , Special situations
    ii) Post Partum Management ,Operative delivery delivery , Neonatal care.
    iii) Family Planning and Community Obstetrics , Health Planning & Mgmt.
    iv) RCH Program in NRHM & Public Health
    v) Clinicals including Internal Assessment

    There are ample job opportunities for the doctors in various spheres including:
    a) RCH program
    b) ICDS program
    c) Surveillance officers in pulse polio programs
    e) School health programs
    f) Attachment with orphanages , children and maternity Homes
    g) To work in residential public school as child specialist.


    a) As a Private practitioner you gain expertise in vaccination, child nutrition, growth and development, infectious disease affecting children and child psychology.
    b) Of great advantage to Doctors who are running their maternity Homes.

    Eligibility : MBBS
    Fees : 65,000
    Number of seats : 15
    DURATION: One Year

  • PG Diploma In Geriatric Medicine

    India has around 100 million elderly at present and the number is expected to increase to 323 million, constituting 20 per cent of the total population, by 2050 , a report suggested by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Help Age International . Elderly rights are one of the fundamental rights of India.

    The PG Diploma in Geriatric Medicine is designed to develop competence in the provision of care of older people to general practitioners , physiotherapists , occupational therapists and others health professionals working in consultant career posts in departments of geriatric medicine, who have interests or have responsibilities for the care of older people.

    Eligibility : MBBS/BPT/BOT/BA(Psycho/Socio) or related discipline
    Fees : 39,000
    Number of seats : 15

  • PG Diploma In Diabetology

    The recent studies in diabetes have shown some very interesting facts regarding the disease rising to epidemic proportions . While nearly 10 lakh people died in 2011 in India alone , it was also found that diabetes affects more people in rural India (34 million) than affluent urban Indians (28 million). Currently , India being home to 62 million diabetics and an estimated 77.2 million people are suffering from pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a condition in which the patients have high blood glucose level but were not in the diabetes range. These people are at high risk of getting diabetes. By 2030, India will have the largest number of patients in the world.

    The PG Program in Diabetology is aimed to equip the budding medical professionals to understand the intricacies and hoslistic management of the disease.

    The One year Program is modelled into 6 categories namely , Diabetes Basics , Management of diabetes patient , Complications & its Management , Cardiovascular Complications , Microvascular Complications & its management , Diabetes Management in special situations including patient Education. There will be personal Contact Classes , study material and practical training will be provided.

    Eligibility : +MBBS
    Fees : 85,000 to be paid in 2 installments.
    Number of seats : 30
    Duration : 1 Year


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