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Prof. Mir Athar Ali

"Na Sataish ki Tamanna, na Silah ki Parwah" (No desire for any praise, no care for any reward).


This has been the simple philosophy of a man who has dedicated his entire life for education. Prof. Mir Athar Ali, son of Dr Mir Gauhar Ali got his basic school education from the prestigious Govt Mohammedan High School presently Govt Multipurpose High School in the foot hills of Maltekri Amravati, Maharashtra, established in 1866 by the British. Prof Ali had outstanding school teachers of International repute in those golden days where he remembers a single paisa comprising of kaudis could buy you a lot of things. All of his teachers were real hard task masters, a proof of those classic school periods is that he still can remember, quote and recite hundreds of idioms, phrases, couplets of Ghalib, Momin, Iqbal, Shakespeare, Elliot, et al., Alhamdolillah, still in his nineties one cannot win with his living voracious vocabulary, he has The Oxford University’s English Language Dictionary memorised, unbelievable, Almighty’s Grace!

He obtained his first Masters degree in English, almost seven decades back in the late 1940s, followed by MAs in Urdu and Persian, a triple MA in those hard days of learning by sheer earning. He continued his quest for education earning further degrees in Education and Law, obtaining the latter professional degree after his retirement in 1985, when he fought and successfully won his own legal case, setting an example of how a professor of principles can turn into a brilliant lawyer, when in dire need. His outstanding arguments in impeccable English in the High Court and the Supreme Court even left the Learned Judges in awe! Some of them used to address him with respectful humour, a tribute to a petitioner who fights for the flaws of the system.

Prof. Mir Athar Ali has for whole of his life believed that education is the best medium to inculcate high moral and social values among all of us. He has taught thousands of students during the last 70 years, and continues to do so with the same vigour despite his 89 th year of age. He has a firm belief that students can become ambassadors par excellence of goodwill for the community, state and the country. He has truly envisioned an institution where students would learn an approach especially suited to confronting many of the hugely complex challenges of life that face us. That is why we believe that the greater we can make AIHMS the greater its contribution to the well-being of our country can be shared.

A man of Herculean intellectual and organizational capabilities, Prof. Athar with his half a dozen degrees has strived hard to create to bring about real and lasting improvement in the lives of the poor and people of need.

While AIHMS sets its sights on the educational breakthroughs in management, health care, science and technology—as well as on the application of proven and appropriate technologies—we will also seek to integrate systems of values, ethics and principles in our students. In so doing, AIHMS has grown to become an important force for pluralism—teaching the skills of critical thinking, analysis and problem solving—while also inculcating moral reasoning, ethics and respect for others.

Academically, our major focus is in the fields of Arts, Management, Health, Sciences and education. However, future generations will see AIHMS step beyond professional education towards becoming a comprehensive temple of learning university and a true global influencer. His eldest son, Prof. Sharique Athar Ali who stepped into his illustrious father’s footsteps three and half decades back, in 1978, is yet another teacher who has set examples by leading in his own ways.

About Management Board

Public Health Programs & Health Management Programs at AIHMS - Athar Institute of Health and Management Studies

Prof. Sharique Athar Ali
Prof. & Head , Saifia Science College , Bhopal

Dr. Sharique A. Ali, completed his education including his Masters in Animal Physiology, from Nagpur University Nagpur, having a throughout first class convent educated academic career. He got his PhD in Bioscience as a prestigious National Fellow of Department of Atomic Energy, BARC, Govt. of India , in 1983.

Dr. Ali has research and teaching experience of 35 years in Comparative Physiology and Pharmacology with more than 100 full research papers in peer reviewed journals of high impact factor, like the British Journal of Pharmacology, John Wiley,UK , Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology Blackwell, UK, Viral Immunology, Liebert USA, Cytokine, Elsevier, Viral Epidemiology Liebert, USA, Phytochemistry, Elsevier, UK, Journal of Experimental Botany, Cambridge,Planta Medica, Thiem, UK, Journal of Food & Toxicology, Elsevier, Environmental Conservation, Cambridge, UK, Comparative Physiology Biochemistry, Elsevier, Cell & Molecular Biology, Verlag, Journal of Receptors & Cell Transduction, Pharmacologia, Bulletin Contamination Toxicology, Pergamon, USA, In vitro Biology Springer, Acta Biol. Hungarica., Current Science, Experimental Biol., Nat Acad. Sci. Letters, Springer, African .J Biotechnology and many others.

Dr. Ali has successfully guided 30 PhD. students and more than 100 Masters Dissertation students in Bioscience & Biotechnology, with a cent percent high placement record. He has visited several countries many times like USA, UK Germany, France, KSA, the Middle East, on academic assignments. Dr. Ali has also worked as a Cooperating Scientist at Virginia State University, USA and, as UNESCO Fellow at CCMB, Watsons Lab. He also had a 3 year stint, as Professor of Physiology at Medical College, Saudi Arabia. He has successfully completed 8 Major Research Projects in Biology & Medicine and heads the Department of Biotechnology, Saifia College, Barkatullah University, Bhopal. He is also the Chief Editor of an International peer reviewed impact factor journal , Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications (BBRC) since last 7 years.

Dr. Ali has been conferred with several awards and citations including the Young Scientist UNESCO International Award for his research contributions.. Dr Ali holds the distinction of being one of the youngest Principal Investigators of a major American PL- 480 International Research Program in Biology sponsored by US-Department of Agriculture . Dr Ali has also filed one patent and has gene sequencing credits for his research work. He is on academic boards of several universities and colleges in Bioscience & Biotechnology.

Public Health Programs & Health Management Programs at AIHMS - Athar Institute of Health and Management Studies

Dr. Mohammad Miraj
Director(Operations) Middle East
Doctral.com (An IIT Delhi Incubated Health Platform)

Dr. Mohammad Miraj is a seasoned healthcare professional with

The Health Sector in India is growing at a CAGR of 13%. Healthcare is one area which is expected to be relatively free from recession. The past few years have seen huge investment in hospitals and public health both by private sector & government sector.

Even though, India bears a massive burden of diseases along with a growing lack of trained manpower in specialized areas such as Public health, preventive cardiology, maternity & neonatal care, hospital & healthcare management, the healthcare industry in India is all set to grow exponentially and expected to generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2014 and 2018, more than any other industry, largely in response to rapid growth in the elderly population. Moreover government initiatives under NRHM have also increased the relevance of trained hospital administrators, public health professionals and other health personnel’s in various diversified areas.The various innovative, job oriented twinning programs in healthcare at AIHMS, aims to provide an excellent platform to students for enhancing their knowledge base and skills, thereby creating an Institution par excellence.

Through its strategic channel partners for leveraging health and educational services, AIHMS has collaborated with Doctral.com, Uzzima.com and BBRC(Biosciences Biotechnology Research Communications) for the capacity building of its budding hospital, public health and management professionals. I wish AIHMS touch new horizons in all its academic and research endeavours.

Public Health Programs & Health Management Programs at AIHMS - Athar Institute of Health and Management Studies

Dr. Sanat Mohanty
CEO, Inkilabs Technology Pvt. Ltd., USA

Dr. Mohanty holds B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT(Bombay), MS and PhD from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. He worked for almost a decade in US with 3M Corporation as Scientist and also worked as Associate Professor at IIT Delhi from 2009 to 2015. Currently, he is CEO, Inkilabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd., USA.

Public Health Programs & Health Management Programs at AIHMS - Athar Institute of Health and Management Studies

Prof. Pulock Bhattacharji
Head (Financial Programs)

Prof. Pulock Bhattacharji is an experienced professional specializing in the BFSI (Banking, Finance , Sales and Insurance) sector having more than 30 years of hands on experience, both in India and abroad. He has worked with some top MNC’s including Pearson, GE Capital, and AMP Insurance and has also helped a number of small companies to develop and grow their businesses from ground zero.

Using his vast experience in the corporate sector , he has incorporated the learnings in his students training and pedagogy methods . He has also taught at various prestigious institutions like International Management Institute ( IMI), International College of Financial Planning (ICFP) and Asia Pacific Institute of Management (APIM).

With an abundant national and International exposure , and an academician par excellence , Prof.Bhattacharjee , is an alumni of the highly acclaimed Delhi School of Economics with a Masters in Economics and has also been with prestigious Australian Graduate School of Management ( AGSM), University of Sydney. He had completed his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Texas , Austin, USA and has also been in New Zealand for almost a decade.

Public Health Programs & Health Management Programs at AIHMS - Athar Institute of Health and Management Studies

Prof. Ajay Misra
Faculty (NIILM-CMS)

Prof. Ajay Kumar Misra has done Post Graduate Diploma in Management from International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi and also Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management from BharatiyaVidyaBhavan, New Delhi. He holds B.Com Degree from Delhi University. He has 20 years of rich corporate experience at different management levels in the field of Sales, Marketing, HR and Strategy Formation. He worked with very reputed organizations such as Jubilant Group (Domino’s) Trident Group, Ester India Ltd. and Berger Paints. Prof.Misra has more than 10 years of experience at different levels in Academics and was associated with Management Institutes like Amity, KCC, IILM and DIMR. He is also Member- All India Management Association, New Delhi for last 20 years.

Public Health Programs & Health Management Programs at AIHMS - Athar Institute of Health and Management Studies

Dr. Sajid Raheem
Chief Consultant Physiotherapist


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